Computer Engineering and Information Technology


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Campus:     Sokpaluang Campus
Head of Department:     Mr. Somphone KANTHAVONG
Contact:     Mobile: (856)-20-5938276
     Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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   The Computer Engineering and IT Department aims to train the best students and engineers to meet the country’s demand in computer engineering and information technology. Besides the teaching duty, the department is engaged in research on parallel processing, information system, microprocessor application.  

   The Computer Engineering Program emphasizes the use of computers in engineering systems, and interfacing of computers to physical systems; it is intended for those preparing to enter industry as well as those who wish to pursue graduate degrees in computer engineering, electrical engineering, software

engineering, software engineering, or computer science. The program includes a spectrum of courses and considerable laboratory experience. In addition, depth in computer engineering is provided by technical electives.

   The Information Technology Bachelor’s Degree program builds upon knowledge gained in the Associates in Applied Science in Information Technology and provides new areas of study. Options are available in Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems, and Cyber Security and Information Assurance. Important student outcomes for this program include significant communication and business skills required for success in industry careers.

   The department offers a four-year undergraduate Bachelor’s degree consisting of 149 credits undergraduate bachelor’s degree program. The first two year are made up of basic science and engineering courses. Core subjects are concentrated in the final two years. In the final year, a 6-credit senior project is to be carried out. Students must also seek experience from industrial training for a minimum total period of 4 weeks.