Students of FE are from every province of the country. More than 800 students are staying in the dormitories spread over 3 campuses. The dormitories on Sokpaluang campus can provide about 450 places.



Computer Centre

The Faculty of Engineering provides three computer rooms, which equipped with more than 150 computers. All of the computers are linked to the university network and internet. Training is occasionally offered to students and staff by experienced staff. Apart frome the above, there are several computer rooms available at some 

departments and division ( Mechanical Engineering Department, IT and Computer Engineering Department, Vocational Teacher Education Department, and Postgraduate Division). Using these computing facilities, students can get access to the internet to search for information, check their emails, and use for general computing purposes.



The Central Library is holding about 13,000 books, including over 275 titles of lecture manuscripts. It provides a wide range of reference material. Many titles specific to engineering can be found also in the department libraries




Besides studying, sport activities such as football are popular for all. The Univserity provides a wide range of recreationaland sporting facilies to enable students at all levels of abilities and interest to enjoy their recreation time. At Sokpaliang Campus, the facilities include several open-air fields for scoocer, basktbal, badminton and Petan courts.




Culture and traditional arts performances are exceptional and capture great interest on all occasions.