April 19, 2024


  1. Laboratory

The laboratory facilities in our department are designed to support various areas of study and research. These laboratories include:

1.1 Electrical Engineering and Electronic Laboratory

1.2 Electrical Energy Laboratory and Electronic Tool

1.3 Construction Tool Laboratory

1.4 Environmental Engineering Laboratory

1.5 Digital Laboratory

1.6 Road Material Laboratory

1.7 Hydraulic Laboratory

1.8 Material Laboratory

1.9 Energy Laboratory

1.10 Chemical Laboratory

1.11 Control System Laboratory

1.12 Electric Connect Class

1.13 Mechanical of Land Laboratory

1.14 Mining Tool Laboratory

1.15 Physics Laboratory

1.16 Mining Tool Laboratory

1.17 High Research Building

These well-equipped laboratories provide students with hands-on experiences, practical training, and opportunities to conduct experiments and research in their respective fields. The range of specialized laboratories allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding of various subjects and develop practical skills relevant to their chosen disciplines. Additionally, the High Research Building offers a dedicated space for advanced research activities, promoting innovation and collaboration among faculty and students.