July 21, 2024


We are currently updating the data!

      There are many research projects conducted in the Faculty of Engineering, some examples are as follows:

  • Development of a fire alarm system that can identify the location of the incident on Google Maps/through the 4G internet network.
  • Prevention and data collection of Covid-19 using indoor MAC address tracking system (Special Program for Research Against COVID-19 (SPRAC) under AUN/SEED-Net project).
  • SPARK + IoT Cloud for Smart Agriculture@Vientiane project together with Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.
  • Analysis of the severity of road accidents in the Lao PDR.
  • A study of the feasibility of roadside parking to solve the existing parking problem appropriately.
  • A study of the impact of heavy truck loads in the Lao PDR.
  • Educational project of standard system, quality of transportation of agricultural products and food by truck.
  • The project to develop a logistics network for the transportation of goods by road to support special economic zones supporting neighboring countries (GMS).