July 21, 2024

The Faculty of Engineering was established in 1995, with the name Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (FEA) as one of the 11 faculties of Lao National University according to Prime Minister’s Decree No. 50/Nya/95. By combining the 5 higher education institutions, there are: 2 December University (established in 1984), Higher School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (established in 1977), Higher School of Transportation (established in 1972), Higher School of Construction (established in 1979) and Higher Tat Thong Irrigation School (established in 1983). In June 2004, the Department of Architecture, one of the seven Department of Engineering and Architecture , was separated from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture to become the Faculty of Architecture. FEA later changed its name to Faculty of Engineering (FEN). Since then, the college has grown to become the largest faculty of the university.

Currently, the Faculty of Engineering includes 10 departments where first-year students will study basic courses in all engineering fields. In general, after finishing the first year, students will choose a line of sixteen courses based on their preferences and results in their first year. In addition to engineering courses, the faculty also provides students with practical knowledge and awareness of social and environmental issues that are important to their society and profession. There are about 1,300 new students who can take the exam every year, making the total number of students about 5,200. Since the merger of the university, every year the Faculty of Engineering has an average number of 1,054 students who have completed their studies from the Faculty of Engineering for the benefit of the society and economy of the country. Many graduates have become successful engineers and have made significant contributions to society and the nation.

Faculty of Engineering

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