June 13, 2024

Mechanical Engineering

Campus: Sokpaluang Campus
Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Say Phone HOUNGBOUNYUANG
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The Mechanical Engineering department offers a modern curriculum and practical courses designed to provide students with knowledge and essential skills to become future leaders in their field. Additionally, the department has a responsibility to engage in basic research, support the transformation of the economy and industry into the modern era, and contribute to the development of high-quality technology. The research conducted by the department focuses on areas such as plastic reduction, green energy, and innovative mechanical systems.

The department offers two majors for the Bachelor’s degree program: Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE). The ME major consists of 148 units, while the MIE major consists of 147 units.The first two years of both majors consist of foundational science and engineering classes, including two classes specifically dedicated to introducing students to mechanical engineering. In the case of MIE, the first two years are similar to ME, with the addition of a focus on modern industry protection.

During the last two years of the program, the main subjects become the primary focus. For MIE majors, the curriculum includes subjects related to industry protection and production. On the other hand, ME majors learn about mechanical system enhancements and innovations.

In the final year of both majors, students are required to conduct research worth four units. This research project allows students to apply their knowledge and skills to explore a specific area of mechanical engineering in depth. Additionally, students are expected to engage in practical courses or internships for a minimum of four weeks to gain real-world experience and further develop their skills.









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