Mechanical Engineering


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Campus:     Sokpaluang Campus
Head of Department:     Assoc.Prof. Korakan PASOMSOUK
Contact:     Mobile: (856)-20-55517025
     Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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   The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a modern and practical training program, provides students with knowledge and skills necessary for becoming future leaders in their field. Moreover, it also has a duty to carry out fundamental and applied research to support industrialization and modernization of the economy, contributing efficiency to the development of technology. The results from research activities are plastics, renewable energy, and refrigeration.

   The Department offers two four-years undergraduate bachelor degrees consisting of 148 credits for ME program and 147 credits for the MIE. The first two years of ME program are made up of basic sciences and engineering classes with two additional introductory mechanical engineering classes. For the MIE the first two years are almost identical to the ME program, except for a subject of modern industrial management. Core subject are concentrated in the final year two years. For the MIE program, it consist of industrial management and production subject, while the ME students learn more mechanical subjects. In the student’s senior year, research projects worth 4 credits are required for the ME and MIE program respectively. Students are also required to carry out practical training for a minimum of four weeks.